Welcome to my Music Page The Way I Am Shift Plan Blues Canadian Princess Saskachewan’s Days Are Over I’m Dreaming of You The Sad Shape Were In Where Have We Gone Wrong? Happy Birthday The Wedding Speech  My Favorite Instrumentals My Favorite Songs This following music has been composed, written and performed by me My Mother, Louise, wrote the following poems. I wrote the music and performed them. My Mother’s Poems More Instrumentals. The Rainbow Stairs A Night To Remember The Fred Lindstroms Bomber the Redbone Come To Me The Farm Wife Unity No Holding On Jackknives Its My Time A March Spring It’s Forever Little Whimsey Escape To The Country Leaving On My Own The Oak Twig My Kind Of Place A Bit Of Blue The Sleeper Fantasy A Little Boogie Rollin’ and Movin’ Whimisical Stressful Time Sad Shape